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Alternative Provision

Our Primary and Secondary Alternative Provision provides bespoke learning and enriched timetables to re-engage children in learning and prepare them to return to mainstream education or to their next education setting

Reintegration integration provision

This is for pupils who plan to attend for a 6-12 week programme, and to return to their mainstream school placement after this time.

Provide a programme of activities to begin building relationships

 Reintroducing school related expectations

 Provide 1:1 support in school for up to 6 hours per week

 Attend a meeting with school every 2 weeks.

Enhanced curriculum provision

These pupils may have an EHCP and attend a main stream school on a reduced timetable.

 Focus on structured and unstructured social & emotional development

 Provide access to a range of outdoor and indoor activities

 Monthly reports alongside access to class dojo

 Attend CIN reviews, PEP meetings as relevant up to once a month

Temporary placement provision

Pupils here will not have a named school and will be at the Alt Prov while suitable educational provision is arranged.

 Develop a basic educational programme eg maths and English activities daily

 Incorporate opportunities for an enriched environment for developing social and life skills

 Provide a progress report at the end of the placement/after 12 weeks

 Support handover to the next educational placement

 Accompany in person or attending transition meetings

 1:1 support throughout their time at the Alt Prov

The Alt Prov Services

Onsite Mentorship
Onsite Mentorship

One of our learning mentors will come onsite to your school and build a relationship with the young person, using our programme, to work towards specific targets set out by your school.

Offsite provision
Offsite provision

For children that are not accessing a full time setting we can provide a bespoke alternative provision timetable at one of our age appropriate offsite settings.  These include a classroom setting, kitchen facility and sports facilities to ensure that we can meet each child’s needs and interests.

Respite services
Respite services

We provide respite services during school holidays, evenings and weekends.  Our staff are friendly, trained to work with a variety of children, DBS checked, undergo Safeguarding, Prevent and FGM training as standard practice.

1-on-1 small group services
1-on-1 small group services

Our staff are trained to work with our young people on a 1-1 basis and help develop the young persons skills to access small group activities and lessons.


Our SMART outcomes are agreed with the SENCO, Parent or Local Authority for each young person.  Smaller soft target are created to achieve the agreed outcome and is tracked and reported regularly.  WE provide a transition service to ensure each young person has the best chance to succeed at their next setting.

Re-engaging in learning
Re-engaging in learning

Our 12 week programme is designed all around re-engaging the young person in learning.  We use our unique approach to create an individualised learning programme whilst working with the on roll school to identify areas for focus and best prepare them for their full time placement.

Our Policies

We take safety seriously find out how.

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