The Alt Prov

The Alt Prov provides 5 – 15 year old students meaningful bespoke activities improving self esteem and learning attitudes which has a healthy impact on their life.

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Why Choose The Alt Prov

  • Using our 6 learning drivers & each child’s own interest, children complete their My Journey programme that documents their achievements and sets SMART goals.
  • Our staff ethos is that they can be a child’s champion. Children are more likely to learn and develop from someone they like and we pair each child with the appropriate member of staff.
  • Our leadership team consists of Qualified Teachers, Behavourial and SEN specialists along with primary and secondary Sports Experts.

Who we help

We have specialist and experienced staff who work with children with varying needs we help them to build confidence by providing a safe and engaging environment.

Communication and interaction
Cognition and learning
SEMH social emotional mental health
Sensory and physical needs

External influences and peer pressure can often affect how young people behave at school. We can help pupils who are going through a change of learning and social environment - mentioning them to challenge their behaviour and find positive outcomes.

At risk of exclusion
Excluded school refusers
Anxiety and confidence

We work with local authorities and virtual schools to mentor young people when they're going through distressing periods of change.

Children looked after social care
Edge of care trauma